Everything Under the Son


We measure success according to the following:

  • How many of us are involved in the rest of campus life (student politics, secular clubs, etc.) and are making a difference there?
  • How many of us are intentionally sharing our faith?
  • How many of us are cultivating relationships with our secular friends / fellow students, and creating opportunities to share the Good News with them?
  • How are we living for Christ after graduating from Brock?

Everything-under-the-Son is first and foremost about the mission of God on the Brock campus and beyond. We believe our calling is to be missional by:

  • Helping students see and experience the Good News primarily through the way we live, think, and serve them
  • Recognizing that God is at work not only in our group meetings, but also in the rest of campus
  • Focusing on discipleship instead of events and programs
  • Caring more about individuals than the size of the group, more about transforming lives, than about the number of students attending our events
  • Going to the rest of campus instead of trying to get the rest of campus to come to us


Everything-under-the-Son is a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) on the Brock Campus.

In Everything-under-the-Son we are an inclusive community for ALL students at Brock who ...

  • Are inspired by the Good News and feel called to proclaim it by sharing and serving in the life and the world of our fellow-students, just as Christ once came to live among us
  • Want to develop a robust faith through thought-provoking discussions that relate Scripture to the important issues we face today or will face in the future
  • Welcome questions and differences of opinion, while remaining firmly grounded in the person of Jesus Christ as He is revealed in the Bible
  • Aim to be an open yet safe place where students are accepted for who they are