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It doesn't matter where you are in your Christian faith journey.

Maybe you haven't even started.

It doesn't matter, because you'll always be welcome in Everything Under the Son!

In Everything Under the Son, you're sure to find students like yourself who either want to grow further in their faith, who have lots of doubts and questions about their faith, or who are looking for new ways to express their faith.

In Everything Under the Son, you are appreciated for who you are, rather than for what you can contribute.

In Everything Under the Son, everyone's views matter and diversity of opinion is always respected and valued.

Everything Under the Son is an initiative of Brock's Christian Reformed Campus Ministry. It is NOT a Christian club. Instead, it wants to be an inclusive and open community of Christian students, some of whom are already members of an existing Christian club on campus.

Please take the time to watch the very short video, for a more personal perspective on who we are and what we do!
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